Philosophie du Cerf-volant

The kite philosophy

Thinking about it, kites are very interesting objects. It confronts us with our most common prejudices. I presented my theory around kites to the students of ENSAPC during the workshop LMDP at Confort Moderne in Poitiers in May 2019, and proposed them to participate to a happening involving the flying of kites in order to experience it and share the thinking.

What’s so special with kites ? First of all, it shows that front wind can be an ally to success. Yes ! Surprisingly, against all odds, headwind doesn’t always mean problems or difficulties. When it comes to kites, they need it in order to fly. Stronger the headwind is, higher it will fly. I like to think about that headwind could also be an helpful friend and that all obstacles and slowdowns on our personal paths are for good.

The other interesting idea carried by the concept of kite is that being retained by threads is not always synonym of imprisonment. Cutting ties is not a good idea for a kite. It would just immediately crash. Freedom often recalls the idea of flying, then the freedom of the kite involves keeping its ties.

Flying the kites in a group was the opportunity to dream collectively beyond thinking together.

Oxymoron, 2019
Rêve d’envol collectif, 2019