« Don’t dream ».

I will never let anyone tell me that sentence once again.

This is the promise I made to myself at the age of 10, little girl from a modest family of the modest suburban countryside of Paris where the sense of modesty forbids the idea of successful achievements.

If being rational means this boring unexciting normality, I will be irrational. If nothing is possible, I will work hard with the impossible. If my destiny was a life of labour, my labour will be at least poetic.

I will waste my time, waste my money and waste my energy in useless activities. I will not be efficient. I will not be productive. And I will never ever hope for result.

All this may sound absurd. Dramatically absurd. As absurd as Sysiphus’ mythological life, the symbol of the human condition according to Albert Camus. The artist’s condition according to Joseph Beuys. The woman artist’s condition according to me.

5th of July 2017

Ludivine Thomas-Andersson

Contemporary Conceptual Artist

Portrait of Ludivine Thomas-Andersson

As patient as Penelope, Ludivine is developping a ridiculously ambitious and unrushable body of work that involves a life long dedication.

Nevertheless, her work, deeply philosophical and strongly political, under its pretendingly harmless dreamlike appearance, is catching more and more attention of different Art Institutions through Europe.

On Focus Now

Selected Works

Personal Museum, 2022

Virtual Visits of Miniature Simulated Museum collecting all my Artworks, Scale 1:24

Bird View, 2022

Oil on free canvas, 300 x 450 cm

L’Essentiel, 2015 – Ongoing

Performative Painting Series

Coming Soon

Upcoming Exhibitions

Nice to Meet You

Lesjöfors Stationshuset
Automn 2024

After almost 5 years living in Lesjöfors, Ludivine will present her work to the village inhabitants through an exhibition of her dear projet “Tricoter la Mer” (“Knitting the Sea“).

Because she took nearly 2 years break in her Artistic Curriculum after the birth of her twins, she wanted to dedicate her first “come back” show to things that are very close to her heart.


Latest Shows

Reflecting Migration

BERLIN, Gallery Bulowstrass 90, March – July 2022

Residency Restitution Group Show where was presented Displacing Territories, a body of works related to Migration focusing on Dreams.


Reluctor Et Emergo

ANTWERPEN, Gallery Fred & Ferry’s, Dec 2021 – March 2022

Solo show

Miniatures of the Gallery Fred & Ferry’s featuring a fictive flooded exhibition named “Reluctor et Emergo” presented in the Gallery itself.


No Big Deal

KARLSTAD, Gallery Konstfrämjandet Värmland, Oct 2021 – Nov 2021

Solo Show

Simulated Anticipated Retrospective of 150 artworks presented in miniature scale into portable museum-boxes.



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Upcoming Exhibition: Bloom Bloom
Jun 6th – Aug 19 2025