Tricoter la Mer

“Knitting the Sea”

Process Artwork started in 2015

I am going to knit the Sea. I took this decision and started the process in 2015. As well as Penelope in Homer’s Odyssey, I will need patience and determination. The temptation of giving up is strong. Indeed, it’s mathematically impossible. I cannot reach my goal in an entire life of work. The minimum size of a water surface that we can call «sea» is 30 000 km2, today the knitted surface is about 4,30 meters long on 10 meters wide.


Exhibition of “Tricoter la Mer”


Autumn 2024 at Lesjöfors Stationshuset

To be home, knitting, is not what everyone imagine as building a carrier. It would more relate to a waiting mood.

To be home, knitting, cleaning and taking care of the dinner; this is the carrier the patriarchal society believes a woman should have. 

To be home, knitting, is not either the feminist picture of the successful woman.

But what’s about being home knitting the greatest thing?


The society puts a lot of pressure on women about how to act. In all aspects. “Do you want children?” “Will you get children?” “Are you sure you don’t want children?” “You have to choose, being mother or having a carrier” “You will have to choose, being mother or being artist.” “Don’t dream.”

All these sentences I have heard in my life, several times. By knitting the Sea, I decided to build slowly an immense object. As Penelope waiting for Ulysse, I wait. I must be patient, it will not finish tomorrow, even if I work a lot during the night, because the work will never end. The Sea is too big, I cannot make it in an entire life of work. 

Why do I do that ? Why do something that I already know is impossible? Because if I should always listen to other people opinion and stop trying to succeed in impossible projects, I would already have stopped my artistic carrier.

Evolution of the project

Since 2015








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