Reluctor Et Emergo


DEC 2021 – FEB 2022







Reluctor Et Emergo was a miniature exhibition featured in the gallery Fred & Ferry’s in Antwerpen shown in the miniature copy of the gallery in itself.

Working with miniatures is extremly pleasant. Because it opens all possibilities. The impossible becomes suddenly possible.

I had been fantasizing  a flooded exhibition during a long time. That of course I did not expect to see ever happening in the “real world”. But having the opportunity to create a miniature exhibition to be shown in Belgium, it appeared like the best occasion ever to see this dream come true.

To know more about the story behind this project, I invite you to read the exhibition documentation you can find by clicking the button just bellow.


Featured Works

Reluctor Et Emergo

Digital Print, 300 x 400 cm in scale 1:40 

Zeeland (a province situated between the Northwest border of Belgium and the southwest of The Netherlands) carries a beautiful motto: Luctor et Emergo (I struggle and rise up). In its struggle with water – a challenge to the people of that province through the centuries – Zeeland’s abondance has arisen: a world of islands with protective dikes, and fertile fields that have been wrestled from the sea. 

Reluctor Et Emergo (I struggle Again and I Rise Up) is my interpretation of the motto that I appropriated by putting the emphasis on the idea of struggle. I fitted me perfect.



Since 2015 – Ongoing

Paintings extracted from the series L’Essentiel are floating around in the exhibition space. Laying horizontally, the paintings were metaphorically reflecting the sky. In addition to refer to struggle as the series does in itself.

Les Sommets de la Gloire


Originally exhibited behind the window of Kolonin in Arvika (SWE), I decided to include this piece in an upscalled format. To experience this artwork while floating on a boat increase the feeling of danger that the work aims to create.

Tricoter la Mer

Since 2015 – Ongoing

A flooded exhibition without this piece would have been a shame. But to take the risk of distroying the knitting by dipping it in water was also a definit no-go. A mural print of its last photographs was a good compromise.



A fictional artwork that, I guess, will remain in the fantasy world due to the conditions of presentation it requires. It consist of a series of prints, maps,photos, drawings, that give clues to find the position of the legendary place Atlantis. The prints are made a water sensitive emulsion that only reveals the pictures when in contact with the water.


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