Les Sommets de la Gloire


Glass Sculpture/Installation

In the Christian tradition, modesty and discretion are virtuous and preferable to any exuberance. Ambition and success carry guilt, as if they were always accomplished to the detriment of others. It is on this observation that the artwork « Les sommets de la gloire » (« The Summits of Glory ») is based. A mountain landscape made of broken pieces of glass covered with gold leaf on the hedges.

“Les sommets de la gloire” are almost invisible. It’s hard to see and hard to catch by the camera. It’s like a dream almost already disappeared when trying to think about it. The peaks are sharp and very dangerous, as aggressive and offensive as the many obstacles that milestone the social climbing path. Don’t go there, you will hurt yourself! If you look closely you can slightly perceive the gold on the hedges. These pieces are very precious. And very fragile. To be handled with care…

This Artwork was presented in the window of the Workshop Kolonin in Arvika in July 2019.

Close-up Views

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