Artistic Practice

Ludivine Thomas-Andersson’s artistic work combines many different media. Originally a painter and a performer, she also creates sculptures, installations, videos, sound-works … Through highly conceptual and meta-artistic works. Her artwork focuses mainly on the theme of dreams in an aesthetic of purity elegantly combining the notion of play, everyday objects, the anodyne and the grandiose. She tries to explore the limits between the rational and the irrational by invoking mythology, tales or beliefs of all kinds in her work or by exploring the world of sleep. Sometimes bordering on madness, her projects can express an extraordinary ambition, impossible, unattainable and therefore absurd. By that, she aims to question the idea of success. In particular, she started to Knit the Sea in 2015 knowing that it was a kind of waste of time, because it is completely impossible, but still keeps doing it. Because of her research where action and representation are in a permanent link, her work does not necessarily adapt to the traditional context of the exhibition space and therefore questions its format and its codes.


Born in 1986 in the suburb of Paris, Ludivine Thomas-Andersson lives and works in Lesjöfors in Sweden where she settled in 2018. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at La Sorbonne University in 2008 and with a Master of Fine Arts obtained in 2012 at the prestigious Art College ENSAPC in Paris. She has since then worked as an artist. The year 2016 marked many important events: she co-founded the artist-run-space Tables.empty.workshop with her companion Benny Andersson in the town of Montargis (France), it also was the first time she was invited to an institutional artistic residence by the Drac Nord-Pas-de-Calais within the Lens hospital, and finally contributed to her first academic paper through the publication of “The Audience and the Power” by the Catholic University of Lille. Then, ultimately, she moved to Sweden. She became Art History Lecturer at the Örebro art school in Sweden in 2017-2018 and then moved to Lesjöfors where she devoted herself fully to the development of her art. Laureate of a FRESH-A.I.R grant offered by Berliner Lieben, she spent 6 months in an International Creation Residency in Berlin in 2021-2022. The National Art Council of Sweden granted her a one-year-work grant in 2022 that she devoted to the development of her “Knitting the Sea” while pregnant. She gave birth to her twin children in September 2022 and came back to the studio in early 2024.


De Geersgatan 32
68260 Lesjöfors